Woodmad began as an idea which sprouted seed in the storms of 2005.

Helping in the cleanup operations, clearing sites where trees had fallen or felling trees which were no longer safe. Much of this wood was destined to be firewood, this seemed such a waste and so alternative uses were found for some of the timber.

Trees were converted into timber and made into viewpoint benchs on Kendal Castle. From this a business developed and now ‘Woodmad’ exists to give ongoing life to trees in the form of furniture, playscapes, cabins and other bespoke pieces.

We give
trees a
new life!

Operated by Gareth ‘Stan’ Healey, Woodmad undertake projects all over the UK
and further afield...

Having been based in the Lake District for many years we then moved to Germany in 2017, working on projects there, until we returned to the UK in 2021 and are now based in North Norfolk, near Stalham.

We have a passion for the outdoors, and have a big interest in sustainability and Permaculture.

When we are not working with wood we are tending our garden, exploring with our Kelpie ‘Dexter’ or traveling when the world permits!